Monday, May 17, 2010

Bent Horseshoe

It's often very difficult to put your finger on exactly what it is that makes a gig 'work' or not. We've had disastrous gigs in luxurious venues and fabulous gigs in very unpretentious venues where we had no expectations. Last Saturday at Tokomaru's Bent Horseshoe Cafe was an example of the latter. Steve & Robyn have created a really intimate and cosy venue in an old schoolhouse in the foothills of the Tararuas about 2 kms up into the hills from Tokomaru. We had about 50 people packed in enjoying good hearty Kiwi tucker and a cheery log fire, and it was obvious from the start that everyone was going to have a good time. It worked particularly well for us because we like to be close to the audience to get some spontaneous rapport happening, and all min all I would have to say that I cannot recall a more successful gig from an audience response aspect. They have loads of music there.....get along some time and check it out.