Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lake View

Drove to Wanganui last night - took Billers who is great company on a road trip - I can ask him one question when leaving Wellington and, if I've asked one that requires an in depth answer, he finishes about the time we are entering Levin. If I don't have any more questions he pulls out a harp and plays a concert. We repeat the process coming home after the gig but I don't get a concert as he's just blown his backside off for the previous couple of hours and has somewhat run out of blow/suck! Never a dull trip with Billers.
Andrew on fire as he had just came back from a gig in Invercargill the night before and was wanting to vent some steam which resulted in a sopping wet shirt. In all, a good energetic gig.

Cheers, Terry

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Weekend

Had the wonderful Fiona Pears with her lovely piano-playing husband Ian up from Christchurch for a couple of gigs - one at Old St Paul's on Good Friday and the other at the Lembas Cafe in Raumati - both great venues and Fiona turned on her usual impeccable and energetic performance much to the delight and satisfaction to all concerned. It is always an incredible experience to perform with Fiona and Ian and we always look forward to them - Andrew was on fire even more than usual.

Cheers, Terry