Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back to NZ

Well, well, well - in the morning went to visit a camel souk where there were camels for sale as far as the eye could see - didn't even mind the smell. Eventually got to the airport and, on check-in, were given new boarding passes that happened to be business class upgrades as far as Singapore - the three of us had the whole business section to ourselves for the section to Dubai so we were made a fuss of by the incredibly attractive Singapore Airlines flight attendants - Andrew informed them that it happened to be my birthday so that started an almost non-stop supply of Singapore Slings, Silverkris Slings, Dom Perignon, single malt scotch and almost anything else - Andrew and I were well stewed by Dubai - was the best birthday present ever! Unfortunately back to cattle class Singapore to Auckland - don't know why people don't travel business class all the time.
An incredible experience going to Saudi Arabia - hadn't fully appreciated that there is no tourism there and one doesn't just apply for a visa to go for a visit - have to be sponsored and invited. An amazing time.


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